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This service will be available again starting April of 2024. You can still book now for next year.

Mermaid Pool Party

Invite our Mermaid to your next water event to splash and swim with your guests! She'll bring her fun underwater hoop course, oversized diving treasure toys, and take some fun pictures with waterproof camera for you to keep after the event!

Service Info

  • One Mermaid Entertainer to splash, swim, and play with your guests.

  • Underwater hoop course and oversized diving treasure toys for guests to use.

  • Fun pictures taken with our waterproof camera to capture those splash filled memories!​

  • Service has a 2 hour minimum booking time.

  • It is the responsibility of the host to ensure mermaid tails are allowed at your event venue.

  • We travel up to 150 miles out of Fort Wayne, IN for any and all events.

  • For parties, we advise scheduling food/cake around the time your mermaid will be leaving so she can slip out while the guests are distracted.

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