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This service will be available again starting April of 2024. You can still book now for next year.

Little Mermaid Tail Party

If your child and their friends dream of being mermaids, we can help make that dream come true! We provide the tails, the fun hoop course, the diving treasure toys, and the waterproof camera to capture all the fun!

If you want a truly special and one-of-a-kind pool party look no further than our Little Mermaids Pool Party. We provide up to 6 child-sized, colorful mermaid tails for your child and 5 of their friends to wear and swim in. Our professional mermaid will teach the children how to put on, take off, swim in, and be safe in the provided tails. Once everyone is comfortable and swimming like Ariel herself, our trained mermaid will stay in the water to keep an eye on everyone and make sure everyone is safe at all times. She will also have her underwater camera to take fun pictures and videos of everyone to capture the fun memories for you.

Provided Items:

  • 6 child-sized colorful mermaid tails.

  • Mermaid Themed Props for fun pictures.

  • Oversized Diving Treasures to play with.

  • Underwater mermaid rings to swim and race through.

Safety Requirements:

  • Maximum number of children in the pool when tails are on is 6. This is for everyone's safety, especially the children mermaids. Swimming with mermaid tails is fun but must be done with all safety precautions in place. This is nonnegotiable.

  • Children must be able to float on their back without struggling or panicking.

  • Children must be able to swim from the shallow end to the deep end of the pool without struggling.

  • Swim vests are allowed with mermaid tails but must remain on at all times a tail is on. This means no underwater swimming for these mermaids. These vests MUST fit properly and are not provided by us.

Service Info

  • Service is 2 hours long and includes:

    • 30 minute safety training​

    • 1 hour free swim with fun and games

    • 30 minutes of fun posed pictures and videos

  • Please verify that the pool you will be swimming at allows mermaid tails.

  • For safety, swimming sessions (not including the swim safety lesson) should be no longer than 1 hour at a time. An additional hour can be added but requires a 15 minute break between swimming sessions (total of 3 hours booked maximum).

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